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Welcome from Kathleen Sherman, Intuitive guide, helping clients to discover and connect to their original soul energetic blueprint.

Quantum Intuitive Sessions

Kathleen Sherman,  Medical Intuitive, Channel, and Reiki Master.  I combine Medical Intuition, Shamanism and Quantum Energy Healing for soul realignment.   I use my intuitive senses while being guided by spirit to look inside the energetic field and help release any blocks, lower energies or attachments and return them back to the original blueprint of light and love.    Please note: I am not a doctor nor can I diagnose or treat any illnesses.  My sessions are not intended as a substitute for seeking professional medical and psychiatric care.
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My Journey

A Spiritual Guide

Healing ourselves is always the first step on the path to helping others.  My ability to see both worlds helped me to heal myself and awaken to my own abilities.  Each individual has the ability to heal themselves. My goal in this lifetime is to help others to clean and clear on a soul level, then to awaken to their own abilities, light and inner knowledge.  In turn they will share knowledge with others to bring upliftment and unity to all here on Earth by opening to their own spiritual potential.


Testimonials from Clients

What They’re Saying


I was so impressed with Kathy and the gifts she shared. She was open, warm and welcoming.  I experienced revelations, understandings, healings, and tools to use on my own.  Thank you Kathy!  I definitely recommend her to any and everyone!

S. W.

Your good!  The pain is gone!  I feel clear, thank you so much!  You are amazing!

L. S.

The session was absolutely amazing! Everything Kathleen said resonated, you can tell she has a gift.  I feel so much lighter!  Highly reccommend!

A. M.

Available Services

The Divine World Awaits

As a professional Psychic Reader, I am pleased to share my psychic gifts.  My gifts cover a wide variety of modalities that include shamanic medical intuitive readings,  reiki energy healing, mediumship and past life karmic healing sessions.   I do one hour sessions on a reiki table or in a chair, depending on my client's preference.  Please let me know if you have any allergies or any special needs.


Medical Intuitive Readings/ Quantum Healing Sessions

$100 per hour

I look psychically into the energetic field and help my clients to return to energetic fluidity.  I can view past lives that have an impact on the here and now, help with soul retrievals, spirit animal retrievals, any psychic attacks or energetic field anomalies.  I will use my intuition from spirit to help with anything that doesn't serve you.  I enlighten my clients with my knowledge and help them to do inner work to achieve their own state of balance.
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House and space clearings

$100 per hour

I provide house and space clearings.  Please contact me for more information!

Purple Stars
String Lights in Jar

Animal Reiki/Healing sessions

$100 per hour

I use my intuitive senses to work with animals of any sort.  I can "talk" to animals and feel empathically to sense their feelings and emotions.  Contact me for additional information!

The greatest wastes in life are untried ideas and unused talents.

Author Unknown


Contact Me

Are you looking for answers?  Perhaps I can help!  Contact me today and let the healing process begin. I would love to be of assistance to you!  I do in home and phone sessions, along with sessions at Choices Unlimited in Richland Michigan.  Please find me also at my Facebook page Healing with Medical Intuition.

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